Social Mediome Mining digital footprints to uncover insights about health and health care
Online Reviews of Care Gleaning insights about health care delivery and experience from Yelp reviews
CARe Transforming the postoperative care model for breast reconstruction 
Google Searches for Health Utilizing Google search data to gain insight into health status
Fast Track to Fertility Accelerating and enhancing care for fertility patients
Healing at Home Supporting new mothers in the fourth trimester
Lift Every Voice Capturing and intervening on experiences of racism in health care
COVID-19 Twitter Map Leveraging Twitter to understand the COVID-19 health crisis
High Five Fostering a digital community for employees to share positive feedback, praise, and encouragement
Penn Heart Study Leveraging Twitter in the fight against heart disease
MyHeartMap Leveraging crowdsourcing to increase awareness of and access to AEDs
Defibrillator Design Challenge Promoting the use of life-saving devices through virtual artwork
TOGETHER Care Improving post-operative and therapeutic care for high-risk patients in gynecologic oncology
Donate Your Data Join more than 6,000 people who are part of the digital health community.