We believe that digital technologies have the power to improve the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of health care.  We also believe that privacy and information security are paramount and recognize that technology is not always the answer.  While many health systems approach digital engagement as a separate silo with regards to strategy, we see it as an essential part of integrated care delivery. 


Our work is funded by Penn Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania, and grants.  Current grant funders include the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Penn Center for Precision Medicine.

Design Inspiration

The modular logo system featured on our website was inspired by Otto Neurath’s isotype systems where digits and everyday human lives are bound together with simple analogues. A human becomes a head; a head becomes a circle, a circle becomes a pattern of circles, revealing the information behind it.  Many thanks to Jonatan Eriksson of Tsto for his work.